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So I wouldnt rule it out. Feminism has ruined lesbianism. Feminism helped create this problem. Ah, R36 must be the lesbian who bitches incessantly about how there are never any beautiful lipstick lesbians for her to drool over. DL has managed to become even more stupid.

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I think Kristin is bi.

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Marcia Cross: 10 years after the controversy

Every celebrity according to Datalounge is gay. At this point, its starting to look like it was an unfounded Internet rumor that blew out of proportion. Kill all zee men! Gay, straight, mixed, liquid. R4, you're getting all Camille Paglia on us.

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The Advocate published an article chronicling this incident. Her character on Melrose Place was awesome! Furthermore, aren't you just question begging by dismissing anyone who goes straight as not 'really lesbian to begin with'? You've got a point, R Instead of having women take responsibility for their own lives and their own failures, everything became about men and patriarchy.

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