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The morning after Thomas' burial, Nikki learned that two separate lawsuits had been filed by his family in an attempt to take away her benefits as a firefighter's spouse, though Thomas had specifically named her as beneficiary in one instance. The couple then was finally able to be intimate in the way Nikki Araguz had always dreamed of. For the first five years, the marriage was good, she said, but even then the relationship was strained by continued substance abuse and scrapes with the law. She said: Donald Trump.

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Today, at age 9, Penelope is happy and healthy as a boy who loves karate and superheroes and decided to keep his birth name.

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Now forging a new life as a woman, the only ladders the dad-of-two worries about are of the stockings variety — and Mark, now Stephanie, says she has never been happier. Since the age of four or five, Nikki Araguz, born Justin Grahm Purdue, recalled feeling different from other little boys. Iranians navigate turbulent currency market, uncertain future. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

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Real News.

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