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His little wire-rimmed glasses give him the proper bookish look; the guy is a dead ringer for Jeffrey Toobin, only without all the smarm. For the rest of us, the Friday-evening spectacle is a spicy condiment to a half-pounder. We are looking to move quite soon so that will be perfect to put towards it. Another of the best things is, well, having a good friend who owns a boat. Until the Miami Sol folded after the season, Broward and Palm Beach dykes had to trek down to the AmericanAirlines Arena to watch women watching the basketball game, hoping to meet the loves of their lives strolling around during halftime. After waking up from its arctic slumber, a massive monster enjoys a human buffet in The Preying Mantis, and with the creature feature coming to Blu-ray on March 19th from Scream Factory, we've been provided with the full list of special features, including a new audio commentary and " The Deadly Mantis " episode of Mystery Science Theater

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This classic sci-fi film from director Jack Arnold stars John Agar.

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There are, however, a few less than enthusiastic Tweets. A combination of errors, long waiting times and lack of updates led to many Back to the Future fans taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations, as the only way to handle such an annoyance is to moan together. They are the following: Second, there are plenty of bugs and crawly things. Despite its iconic lead character, the last three movies in the Pink Panther franchise were box office bombs.

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Or should I say, the simulated moonlight? To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. And finally, the most burgeoning category in reality TV, coupling up, which can be seen on the likes of The Bachelor and Married by America. You'll need a pretty big pocketbook to claim this prize, however, as the thing is expected to go for a record price. A new audio commentary with film historian Tom Weaver and Dr.

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