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I'm now in a very happy relationship. I wish you all the best for your new life. I am glad that you are working through the things. Trust me that there is life on the other side. I've cried countless times with the guilt and I'm so terrified. I hope your journey from here is amazing. London was a mad place and I didn't know what to do with myself.

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The top warning signs?

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Gay love: When a husband or wife comes out

If you are doubting that you are gay I guess they might be a chance of reversing this decision? I'm glad you have an appointment on Friday mate, I reckon it will help. Jacko, you made me laugh - something I haven't done for a little while. He wasn't exactly a manly man. Wishing everyone reading all the best on their journey through life.

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I thought I'd have a tear free day, but haven't. I've just joined this forum for the same reasons. How amazing to realise that people do care enough to stop and ask if a person is okay and to call the Police as well. I let my children see a window into my sadness but was also able to show them my strength and excitement around rebuilding me. I would wish the same for your wife and that in the end you can both cherish the love and friendship you have shared. I had nothing to lose by trying, so I agreed to an open marriage—well, a one-sided one anyway. I wanted the dr to send me to a psychologist or something, but he wouldn'thave it.

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