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Data Collected In this section I present general themes that surfaced in my interviews with pedophiles and professionals. Frank van Ree, states"Aggressivity and violent action are not orientation specific" p. For both, friendship with children is more important than sexual elements. As a result of the Dutroux scandal and several sex crimes in the Netherlands committed by repeat offenders, the topic of pedophilia and increased protections for youth is being discussed throughout the country. Sexual Revolution and the Liberation of Children: As Koning states, "I am a pedophile, an ephebophile, a homosexual, a bisexual and a heterosexual.

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Data Analysis General interview themes and results of the survey are furthered in this section where I discuss my study in relation to the research question posed. In their opinion, such legislation serves no purpose and more legal emphasis should be placed on dealing with people who are abusive. Listen to America. By this definition of "consent," there are many adults who are not ready to engage in sexual acts.

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Listen to America.

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