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Subscriptions increasingly matter more than page views with their diminishing ad revenues, which is why the subscriber buoyancy of the Washington Post and the New York Times is so encouraging. In the referendum, On 19 Junethe Supreme Court of the Philippines heard oral arguments in a case seeking to legalise same-sex marriage in the Philippines. My lapses these days are watching porn in my bedroom. However, they do not count as marriages for the purpose of granting spousal residency rights. Some of the opponents of same-sex marriage are religious groups such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintsthe Catholic Churchand the Southern Baptist Conventionall of which desire for marriage to remain restricted to opposite-sex couples. Homosexuals, in the new theology, were part of nature — many had noticed homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom, particularly among hares and hyenas — but they were also somehow contrary to nature.

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On 4 Februarythe Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly passed legislation legalising same-sex marriage.

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Malta has recognized same-sex unions since Aprilfollowing the enactment of the Civil Unions Actfirst introduced in September Share Copy URL https: We portrayed ourselves as average citizens seeking merely the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else — Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. McConnell in fact meets with a grave case of discrimination in his working life, and though he is indignant, he does not respond with the same relentless pursuit of rectification.

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Women now have a lower unemployment rate than men.

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