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Would Ken draw from observations there that heterosexuals are obsessed with nothing but sex? Incidence of MRSA is rising along with the resurgence of syphilis, rectal gonorrhea, and new HIV infections partly because of changes in beliefs about the severity of HIV and an increase in risky behaviors, such as illicit drug use and having sex that abrades the skin, Diep's team wrote. Lauderdale, that was always and is now a famous destination for college students on spring break to engage in wanton sex, "Girls Gone Wild" videos being a prominent manifestation. We do know that the USA strain is extremely good at spreading between people through skin-to-skin contact Professor Mark Enright Imperial College The new strain is resistant to treatment by many front-line antibiotics. Chris, a noble effort and a decent dialogue with Kenn and others at times, but at the end of the day, you are alsmot certainly not going to get that acknowledgement. Here's a Ft Lauderdale Journal story on Mayor Jim Naugle's decision to install single-occupancy beach toilets published by NY Times and the ensuing outrage from the gay community. The codename makes it sound like a patriotic sporting event, but to judge by recent media coverage USA is a harbinger of apocalypse.

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And with no societally established pattern for what a same sex-relationship should look like, it cannot but be fluid in expectation.

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Gay men must watch out, new superbug ...

We are both well acquainted with people among your peers who were confronted with the sexual orientation of their family members only when AIDS struck. But that seems to me to be the proper basis comparison, just as, in a related area, comparing kids who have pledged abstinance versus those who have not would be an indication of the effects of the latter. What was unfortunate, and arguably unforgivable, was that the attention of the world's media had once again been focused on Castro for no other reason than that HIV-positive men leading otherwise healthy lives on antiretroviral medications, and who visited the local hospital to have their boils lanced, were among the most susceptible groups to drug-resistant staph infections. Imagine the difference in terms of audience awareness, sensationalism notwithstanding, had the headline read: I know it's a bacteria, but there's so much fear around staph now that a lot of people are afraid to get treatment.

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Bell and Weinberg p Most startling, Diep said in an interview, is that in San Francisco's gay Castro district, one in people carried the resistant bacteria compared to one in 3, people in the rest of the city. Many gay couples living quiet lives with a lot to lose decline to participate in any survey that might make a record of their sexual orientation, for to make such a record is to risk everything. Of or year-olds, three died very, very prematurely. Submitted by Clinton F not verified on.

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