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For example, many pages on the social media, like: If the regime wins, the situation will force us to hide for years because of what they might do to LGBT people. Russia moves to disconnect from global internet. In Syria, in the United Nations Commission on Human Rightsvoted to postpone a United Nations draft resolution on human rights and sexual orientation. Archived from the original on 25 February We did look into it.

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Decolonising Syria's so-called 'queer liberation'

The documentary, to be screened at the Sheffield documentary festival in Britain on Tuesday, depicts the lives of gay and bisexual Syrians in Istanbul as they compete for a place in the Mr Gay World competition. At least the production itself went relatively smoothly. Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn't killed the Soviet ambassador to Saudi Arabia. It is not only ridiculous, but also unethical and quite arrogant, because in a country that has been fighting for some sense of stability, peace, and belonging for years, their mission is nothing short of abhorrent. Syrian Kurds say federalism if future for Syria 2: Sex reassignment surgery is allowed for people whose gender is unclear or whose physical features do not match their physiological, biological and genetic characteristics, first case was reported in

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See here for details. It was the first and the only gay tour in the middle east, choosing Damascus and Aleppo as one of their main destinations in the middle east. The world has to stop seeing Rojava as a utopia. People get tired of it and stop listening or watching. Gender reassignment surgery is legal in Syria. One institution that emerges from the film without much distinction is Mr Gay World. She was a protestor and a grassroots activist in the uprising.

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