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After decades of subtextual queerness, writer Greg Rucka confirmed her bisexuality to nobody's surprise in an interview in Skip to content. All Rights Reserved. Harley Quinn Bisexual. After his experiences as both men and women, his or their? A member of the group known as the Minutemen in the genre-redefining story Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Hooded Justice was a nonpowered vigilante with a fetish for rough sex with young men.

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It's also about all the people that observe it.

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Another alternate universe mutant, this version of Wolverine lusted after the god Hercules. Latino Voices. An immortal with a supernatural sensitivity to occult activities, Madame Xanadu is well-versed in the magical arts and has had romantic relationships with both men and women. She is a trained doctor with the powers of density control, invulnerability, and energy projection.

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Black Voices.

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