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Small operated heavy machinery and handled explosives in the sand pits of the Ottawa Silica Sand Company. I feel left out…. Secondly, I think this comment is slightly askew. For those just tuning in, this has been a very eventful week. If many years ago women began quilting to socialize, communicate and to pass on their story, then I say that tradition today must include men.

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To know us is to love us.

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I love quilters who show and share their creations. This is not just a quilting industry problem. Every field of study. I am also a quilter and a creative person in other ways. I have no idea either, but we are tiny in comparison.

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My objection was to the snarky, condescending way of presenting it. June 12, at 1: Photograph By Chris Bolin. Please tell me and I will feature your company on my blog. This was not, however, the case in the colonies, so when fancy quilted bed coverings became fashionable in the mids, the work of producing them fell to the women and female servants of the house.

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