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So, the real question is: Thank you for the info guys, appreciate it. Trust me, this beautiful and romantic island wont dissapoint! I've not actually heard a Tenacious D version, and every version I have actually seen online has been mislabelled as such when it doesn't even sound like Jack Black's voice. One guy tags an MP3 wrong and shares it, and suddenly people can't tell what band sings what The song is on a CD I have. From the most beautiful beaches, family-friendly resorts, fun activities, and quite affordable flights, Hawaii makes it onto the list!

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If you prefer partying the night away, dont worry — Orlando has you covered! Oh, and Tenacious D has absolutely never done a cover of it as an album version. Dr Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection. December 15, Drew Friday. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! H2G2 is not really the best source for this sort of thing. I'm not requesting warez, I just like to know if it was ever recorded in a studio, and if so, on what album.

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Oddly enough, a different webpage has the same track list for that album, minus the gay eskimo song: He got so excited his first day on the Job he jumped on his whistle and blew his horse. Er, well I had no idea where else I should ask this question, so bear with my if this is the wrong place. Maxine Waters Into Club Hit. Can anyone tell me if it was ever recorded, on what album - and perhaps even where I can purchase it? Top 5 Fab Brunch Restaurants in Phoenix.